Chroma Technology Wraps Up 3rd Annual 2:1 Match Program

We are excited to share the results of this year’s donations.

Jul 20 2023

 As we wrap up our third annual 2:1 match program, we are excited to share the results of this year’s donations. Our employee-owners donated to 43 organizations local to their communities! Overall, Chroma-employee owners donated $10,215 across these charitable organizations, which Chroma then doubled for a total additional donation amount of $20,430.  A broad range of organizations were supported  including care for seniors, childcare facilities, food shelves and humane societies. 


“This program is a great way to support the non-profits that our employee-owners care about,” says Janette Bombardier, CTO of Chroma Technology, “This gives our local charitable organizations a much needed boost during a time when donations tend to slow down.”


The 2:1 Match program started in 2020 as a response to the struggle many nonprofits were facing due to COVID-19. After a positive response from employee-owners and charities alike, Chroma decided to make the program annual. The 2:1 match program donates double of whatever an employee-owners donates to the same organization in their name, which is sent out once the program ends.